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The Winds of Time

The Winds of Time - Eleanor Cocreham This is a lovely, moving novel which follows the time travel romance formula, while maintaining a freshness in approach to telling the story. I think that comes from focusing on the heroine, who moves forward in time from 1893 to 1993, while also telling the story of those dear to her who are left behind. These two elements of the plot are lightly intertwined, but proceed as almost two tales. Think of it as a prose intermix reminiscent of the song "Scarborough Fair," without the threatening undertones.

The writing is very good. The author takes you to the Gulf Coast where the story unfolds in a way that you feel you're there and you get to know the characters. The heroine is likable, if somewhat naive (perhaps "innocent" is a better word) yet displays admirable inner strength. The people who take her in in 1993 are real, warm, helpful and interesting. The love that builds among the characters sometimes comes with its own challenges, providing depth and pathos as the reader becomes absorbed in the story.

All-in-all, a very satisfying read and one easily worth anyone's time. This book certainly made me a fan of Ms. Cocreham, whose work I hadn’t read before.