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Soul Searching

Soul Searching - Keith Caserta This was a great book. It's unusual to find well-constructed, fun characters in scifi novels. It's even more unusual to find romance and a deeper meaning amid the technology. Soul Searching has it all. Its believable. You get to deeply know the characters - not overtly, with pages and pages of description - but gradually, through the story itself, and how the plot acts upon them.

The concepts were novel - I have never run across many of them before. Soul Searching uses scifi to tell a story and show the reader something new, different, and interesting in ways no other genre could have. To me, this was the probably the best use of scifi for what its promise is, of any science fiction novel I've ever read.

Great story, great plot, fantastic characters, novel ideas, romance and a little sex - what more could you want?

Dr. Caserta - please write a sequel to Soul Searching. There's still so much to tell.