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Little White Lies

Little White Lies - Aimee Laine A fun but challenging read. The author has an interesting writing style that took me a while to get used to. She assumes that the reader can "fill in the blanks" to some extent, and leaves a lot unsaid.

The story was creative, interesting and the characters were fun. I did get a little impatient with all the "secrets" that the main character was keeping to herself. Since the story was told both from the perspective of this character and her male interest, I kept thinking that the main character wasn't letting me in on what was happening, even though I was supposed to be following her.

I would have liked a little more detail on the shapeshifting, because the author did such a good job creating a [mostly] believable shapeshifting milieu for the story. There was a chance for some erotica there too.

I give this 4 instead of 5 stars because I think there were a few missed opportunities. However, the book was very enjoyable. I'm certainly up for the sequel. I recommend this well-edited work without reservations.