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Oh Claire!

Oh Claire! - Giulia Napoli Yes, I'm giving "Oh Claire!" five stars. After all, I wrote it and fell in love with it while pouring my heart and soul into it. I’ve now read it about a dozen times – both to proof read it multiple times, and then for the fun of reading it again as I received notes from readers on where they were in the tale, and what they were thinking about the story.

And I’ll admit that there are many parts of the novel that turn me on. Most (but not all) avid erotica readers have also found that to be especially true.

Before you decide to read “Oh Claire!,” you should understand that this isn’t a formula erotic romance. It’s not girl-meets-boy, girl-and-boy-fall-in-love, girl-and-boy-fall-apart because of a misunderstanding, girl-and-boy-reconnect, and they-live-happily-ever-after.

My work tends to be girl-and-boy-together, girl-has-[erotic]-trauma, girl-[and maybe boy]-evolves–[usually together], girl-and-boy-are-separated, girl-is-changed-[drastically], girl-and-boy-reunite, they-live-ever-after. I let the reader decide if they’re happy.

This novel is for people wanting serious erotica/fetish contemporary adult fantasy, and bdSM (with a capital SM), that is experienced by characters with depth and, usually, some appeal to the reader. It will take you to exotic places and scenes. I can promise that you’ll be drawn into the story and come to care about what happens to the people in it.

If “50 Shades” was a lot for you to handle, you probably can’t handle “Oh Claire!,” so consider yourself warned. But if you want serious erotica, want to know how the characters are feeling about what’s happening to them, and a moving plot, please give “Oh Claire!” a try.

I will promise you solid writing and a well-edited text.