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Distraction - Tess Oliver A masterfull set-up for the trilogy. And great marketing - this is one of the best $.99 bargains out there - obviously priced to drive the reader into the trilogy. But even if you never read the sequel, you can't go wrong on the price!

This book was interesting because it takes the heroine forward in time - from 1692 to 1892. What's neat is how the author shows the reaction of the heroine to the change from repressive Salem, MA at the witching time, to the wide-open spaces of Montana, 200 years later. I haven't seen this done before, and I enjoyed it.

The characters are either very likable or easy to detest. Most have some depth but are a bit short on complexity, which is why I gave this well-written and edited book 4 instead of 5 stars. However, the author has an opportunity to round out the characters in the upcoming books of the trilogy - it'll be interesting to see if she can do that.

It'll also be interesting to see if the heroine stays in 1892, goes back to 1692, or goes further into the future - with or without her true love.

This first book is adequately ended, but does a near-perfect job of setting the reader up to run out and buy the sequel, as soon as it's available. I certainly will!