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Volksie: A Tale of Sex, Americana, and Cars

Volksie: A Tale of Sex, Americana, and Cars - P.M. White I loved this weird, crazy, kinky, amusing story and all the characters in it. The people were particularly fascinating because they were all flawed and yet all so unexpected, crazy, interesting and fun. You just have to like them – even the “bad” guys! I’d love to know where, in the depths of experience, the author had to reach to create this clever mix of winner/losers.

You get to know the characters through their current-day actions, and the flashback interludes which support both the characters’ depth and the plot line. I found myself amazed, excited, on the edge of my seat, and laughing out loud all through this fun read.

I never would have thought to make the venerable VW Beetle, in all its forms and with all its cousins the underlying theme and real star of a novel – especial a kinky, erotic, adventure novel. The way it was interlaced throughout the story and held all the diverse elements together was simply genius on the author’s part.

The writing style is solid, with an interwoven tongue-in-cheek which lead me to believe that the author was laughing with me – and sometimes at me. The desert scenery (setting for most of the novel) is reminiscent of the milieu in Koontz’s Odd Thomas books – and the characters resemble those in Odd Thomas a little. But where Odd is an innocent young man, trying to do good, these characters are anything but innocent – and end up doing good in spite of themselves!

Net – this was a fun read, and probably the best use of $2.99 you’ll get for a while. I really suggest that you read it!