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The Elves of Arthannegh

The Elves of Arthannegh - J. Ellyne The Elves of Arthannegh is a big, powerful, important, erotic novel which is certain to become a noted, quoted, sensual, adult foundation of the Arthurian legends. The novel is of epic proportions – broad in scope and deeply rich in detail.

In this third book in the series, The Fair and Fey, J. Ellyne tells the story of a clash of civilizations – Roman, Saxon, British, Elven, Orcan, demonic, and more on a scale that few authors would have the audacity or the ability to pull off. But pull-it-off she does with color, style and an uncanny insight into the real underpinnings of those ancient civilizations, technologies, prejudices, and personal relationships. And as if that weren’t enough, she weaves many of the pieces of folklore and history you’ve heard into her story, to make it come even more alive.

This is a story of devastation, hope against overwhelming odds, nobility of spirit, betrayal, and astounding valor when faced with the loss of everything. The real heroes are the Elves, in all their manifestations, colors and types. The author brings them, their friends and enemies, their lovers, and their cities, woods and lakes alive in the reader’s mind through the complex society and individuals she creates.

Ellyne, with enviable skill, paints a heart-warming and heart-wrenching, believable picture of the many aspects of Elven civilization, and the flawed but sincere characters that derive from it. I fell in love with many of those characters and came to regard them as real, close, sometimes tragic friends as the story developed.

Elven, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon civilizations are interlaced by the author to create this tale of their interplays, interrelationships, and clashes. Motives are noble and base. There are heroes and antiheroes and others simply caught up in an upheaval of historic proportions. The excellence of this novel lies in its ability to balance these complexities in a fun, moving, titillating story that demands your attention from beginning to end. And at the end it rolls into a glimpse of the underpinnings of the legends of King Arthur and solidifies much of what came before him.

I believe you will love this book. In spite of its considerable length, the story is so well-written and interestingly presented that the reader sails through it, ever-anxious for what will happen as the pages are turned. What an exciting read!

The Elves of Arthannegh is a significant work that is, in my opinion, priced well-below its substantial worth. I’m confident that it’s one of the best values for your ebook dollars that’s out there. You really should read this book.