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Lost in Time I

Lost in Time I - Abbie Zanders This is a well-written, sweet, sensitive, feel-good story. The plot is light, the characters are nice, and there is a HEA. I liked it.

I've read a lot of heavier books lately, and this was a refreshing break from that. It was predictable, but it was fun too.

I thought the author excelled in one area: the heroine's reaction to her time shift from 600 years in the past to present-day NYC. About 90% of time travel romances send the main character back to some supposedly "idyllic" time: when women were women and men were men and - well, you know. They do that because it's so hard to write the reverse, which requires that the author have some understanding as to how a person from an historic, alien culture would really react to the present-day.

In "Lost in Time I," the main character comes forward and the author does a very good job of putting you into the heroine's head as she reacts to 2014, with 1414 eyes. It made the story fun.

Read it for a relaxing evening. You'll go to bed feeling good. Promise.