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Gestapo Girl

Gestapo Girl - Lindsey Brooks This was a superbly written and edited book that was exciting, riveting, and sexy as can be!

The author takes you into the times and places of WW II in Europe and makes them so vivid that you could swear you've been there, with them. The book sets a mood and then draws you into it.

You find yourself in both occupied Europe and England. The interwoven plot plays off both locations and the dominant, despicable characters in both places. Without providing a spoiler, I can say that our heroine spans both locations, as she's impelled along a path of destruction in sync with Europe's destruction at the time.

Her experiences and ultimate triumph are hot, sexy, arousing, and totally uncertain. The cleverly-constructed ending will leave you surprised and satisfied.

The worthy characters are noble and committed. The evil characters are deliciously awful. This book will appeal to fans of erotica, dominance, and historical fiction in equal amounts.

It would be hard to do better than this one!